Former Cardinals Staffer Sentenced to 46 Months In Jail

Former St Louis Cardinals scouting director, Chris Correa ended up getting sentenced to 46 months for his involvement in hacking the Houston Astros scouting database a few years back. 46 MONTHS in jail for viewing scouting reports, trade possibilities and other various BASEBALL items of information.

Does this seem absurd to anybody else?

You are going to flat out ruin this guy’s life for admitting to checking into what information a former Cardinals employee may or may not have taken with him to another organization?

4 years in jail for that. They say the total cost of the knowledge was valued at a little over $1 million which equates similarly to a month or two of meal money for the team. Basically nothing. This guy didn’t deserve 46 minutes in jail for this “crime” let alone 46 months.

I will see multiple bad drivers on the roads on our way to and from work today that deserve more jail time than Chris Correa. Just absurd. This guy should have been made to pay fines, issue apologies, and do community service. That is it.

But nope. Our tax dollars will hold this guy in a room at some minimum security prison retreat for a few years. Great job judge! You are really changing lives for the better!

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