Can we take a minute and ask what is wrong with the USGA?

So the USGA royally effed up how they handled the Dustin Johnson ball moving controversy DURING play. His ball moved backwards before he put his putter down. Which they declared not have happened because of wind and the fact that the greens were rolling about an 18 on the stimp meter, but because of his own doing. Although, I can’t understand how you can cause a ball to move backwards toward your putter. Magnets? Who knows. But, anyway, shouldn’t have been a penalty. And 1000% should not have been mentioned to him on the course. The guy already has demons and you are going to put another negative thought in his mind, on the largest stage in golf, even though it may or may not end up being a penalty. What a disaster.

Then the president of the USGA, Diana Murphy, comes out and gives the trophy presentation while straight up hammered. I would love to post a video of that, but it looks as though the USGA went on an internet clean up mission because it is nowhere to be found. But if you didn’t see it, take my word for it, she obviously hd one too many bloody mary’s throughout the day and she was slurring worse than Mike Tyson after dental anesthesia at the podium. How they let her go up there like that was beyond me.

But wait. Then it happened again!

Last week at the US Women’s Open, in a playoff, Anna Nordqvist grounded her club slightly in the bunker, which is a penalty. The eagle eye FOX cameras captured it and turned it in to the USGA who let play go on until deciding to pick the worst moment to swoop in and hand down justice. They notified Nordqvist after she took her shot, which she would have had no idea she was actually down 2 shots. And then notified her competitor before she took her shot, which she obviously was super conservative with, basically guaranteeing her the win. Seems fair. So for all the drama, the only way I can describe the ending is this….

So the victory went to Bethany Lang. Or at least that is who Diana Murphy thought won.

She messed up AGAIN. How can this lady be so damn bad at doing her job? If you can’t speak in front of people, get someone else to do it. Literally anyone. You mispronounce the name wrong once? I get it. Twice, come on. Three times? Podium privileges revoked.

Then she issued this statement…

“I would like to apologize to the 2016 U.S. Women’s Open champion, Brittany Lang. During the prize presentation, I mistakenly called her by the wrong name repeatedly. I have expressed my regret to Brittany personally and explained that in the heat of the moment, I became nervous and made these mistakes. I appreciate her understanding, and I am sorry that what I said may have taken away from a historic moment for a very deserving champion.”

It wasn’t a mistake Diana. It’s you sucking at your job. Figure it out. If you are nervous congratulating a champion of your entire organization, maybe this isn’t the job for you. And I love how she said “a very deserving champion.”

But not quite deserving enough for you to get her name right huh?


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