Tailgate Space Acquired

So I recently bought a house over by the stadium close to where I have lived for the last 6 years. This is my dream house in every sense of the term. And for one huge reason.

Easily my favorite thing in life is waking up on a brisk fall Saturday, and sometimes Thursday, walking outside to see the fog rolling out and knowing that the Mountaineers play that day and I get to share that experience with 60,000+ people who feel the same way I do. But the pre game party at the house is always the best. People come out from everywhere. Different neighborhoods, cities, and states. Hell even different countries (the owner of this domain). And they usually stop by my house for at least a little bit. Food, beer, music, highlights, discussions, optimism, pessimism, very little realism, and a whole lot of alcoholism. Can’t beat it. But with this new house and all the potential it possesses, which is a big step up from our previous college rental property tailgating digs….it has me thinking…

What should I do with this place? I have a backyard with a lot of flat space. I have a big front porch and grass area and 2 large back decks. I have 3 garages (NOTE: I am not rich by any means. This house just has a lot of garage space. It’s weird). I have hit the WVU gameday tailgating jackpot by securing a 30 year mortgage that I can barely afford. But hey, I’m close enough to throw a baseball in the stadium. So tell me what you would do if you had a dream tailgating space. I know my traditional tailgate and WVU away game travel crew will have suggestions. So fire away. Maybe one day soon once we get double digit readers on a daily basis, we will host the official UnFairWeather Fan tailgate. Beers will be on me. And by that, I mean give me $5 and I’ll give you a cup and you can get your own damn beer.

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