Soccer Talk with TheHatWearer

This is a series that I am going to start writing routinely to talk about a particular area of my expertise….

Ha just kidding. Soccer is just barely above the NBA and politics on my “Care Meter”

But I do have to weigh in on these Lionel Messi situations. Most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. One, he sucks in the Copa America tournament and Argentina loses to like Peru or something in the final.

On a related note, I am pretty sure Cope America is a made up tournament. It isn’t real, right? I mean it is supposed to be South American nations playing each other. But they invite Mexico, USA and other Third World Central American countries to play. Oh, and they invite Japan a lot too. Cause when I think South American, I think Japan. The whole thing is so stupid, but whatever.

But he chokes in that. Big time. Best player in the world can’t even hit a 20 foot wide goal from like 5 feet away with no defender on him. World class indeed. Then what does he do? He quits Argentina. Not going to play anymore because he says he isn’t good enough to play for them. Be more of a baby dude. Are you serious? Pout city.

Then, the rich asshole doesn’t pay his taxes for like 3 years because he relies on his dad to handle his money. You have millions and millions of dollars. Maybe hire someone who really knows what to do with it, like, say, a financial advisor. Good job Lionel. So you play dumb when you are caught. Go through the legal process in Spain. They sentence you to 2 years in jail. Basically for being a moron. And somehow, because this is your first offense, even though it really wasn’t since he did it for multiple years, he doesn’t actually have to serve any time. Zero time. Unbelievable.

I GUARANTEE if I committed tax fraud for 3+ years here in the great state of West Virginia, even with my pathetic little bank account, they would throw me in the North Central Regional Jail and throw away the key. But little Lionel plays the game and gets patted on the back and told “it’s ok buddy, just pay back some money and all is forgiven”

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