Pitt joins the modern world, decides to sell beer at their rented stadium

Pitt has announced that they will sell beer at Heinz Field starting this fall after doing their research by using the research done by none other than West Virginia University. They expect to make upwards of $500,000 a year in added revenue. But, in my opinion, they might have added a 0 to that expectation. Maybe two 0’s. I mean with their average attendance….and no I don’t mean the announced attendance…..I mean the actual tens of people that are there, they will never reach that goal. It will be fun to have a few I.C. Lights in the Steelers’ stadium while watching the Backyard Brawl again in 2273 days.


Also, fun fact: I know a guy that recently bought lower level season tickets for Pitt football for less than $100 for the sole purpose of attending the Penn State game. He plans on throwing away the rest of the tickets because . WVU fans did the same thing for Marshall when the Mountaineers had to play down in Huntington. Pathetic on so many levels.

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