Cleveland Has EXTREME Short Term Memory Loss

Hey Cleveland….

Are you OK?

Do you have any recollection of the events of the past decade?

Remember when your chosen one decided to leave and quit on you guys and you all burned his jersey and committed to hating him for the rest of time?

Then he went down to Miami of all places and won not 1, not 2, not….ok well only 2 rings.

All the while you were finishing like dead last in the East and drafting people like this….

And your owner was writing letters like this…

Does any Cuyahoga County resident remember any of this?

Doesn’t seem like it. I mean, have some pride for me one time Cleveland!

Lebron left. He quit on you. He had to go elsewhere to win. He left you with nothing while putting himself first. Something he has always done. He is Bron first, always. You acted like you had some pride when he left. Then when he decided to come back, you suffered the worst case of amnesia in the history of the world. You forgot all that and were giddy. You bought all kinds of 23 jerseys to replace the ones you burned. You bought season tickets and cheered like crazy when he played. You forgave him in .01 seconds. Forgot everything he did to you and all the pain he caused. And now the Cavs won. First title for Cleveland in about 300 years. And 1.5 million people showed up to the parade.

The largest gathering of gutless humans in history.

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