UCLA Shooting. Perfect Example of Young People in 2016

Horrible scene in Los Angeles yesterday as an engineering professor was shot at UCLA by a student. When you hear the motive, it should raise even more concern on how we are doing as a society…

He was upset at the grade that the professor gave him.

Do you understand that? He was upset at his grade in the class so he felt that warranted shooting a killing a well liked professor, husband, and father of two. And then the coward shot himself.

This is where we are these days. Due to parents babying their children and making constant excuses for them in school, sports, and regular life. Nothing is ever their fault. It is always someone elses. Don’t worry, if you had a better teacher, you wouldn’t get bad grades. Don’t worry, if your coach wasn’t an idiot, you’d be playing. That is the theme. And this shooting is the result.

Maybe if the student studied harder or paid attention or, heaven forbid, asked how he could improve his standing within the class, this wouldn’t have happened. That is called taking responsibility for yourself and being a man. That was the norm 20 years ago. Parents would discipline their children to the point that they actually displayed accountability.

Those days are long gone. And we are in the generation of excuses, taking offense, pouting, and protesting. Will it ever get better? Will we ever be tough again. What is the future going to be like with these people growing up and taking control of our country and world?


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