When did everyone become so uptight?

When did everyone get so uptight?

In an age where everything is live, nothing is private, and social media rules the world, people have become crazy and I just don’t understand it. We want people to like or retweet or share everything we say all day long, but we can’t handle when people say things back. We protest everything and blame everybody else for our problems. This is America. We are supposed to be a nation of hard asses. Toughness is what we were built on. We have never been ones to get offended about every little thing. So why are we like this now? In my eyes, being offended is a choice. And a wrong one. Yes, certain things that people say are terrible, but those people, we should just ignore because they aren’t worth our time anyway. But little things in every day life should be wide open.

Take me for example. I post on social media regularly and people have come to expect me to say things that might not be polite or positive. But that is exactly why I do it. Why is it not OK for me to post negative things? If I see something I don’t like or don’t agree with, why do I have to hold my tongue, or fingers, like everyone else? I should be able to voice my displeasure with things that frustrate me. Why would people care to get offended? It is practically therapy for me. Just on a public forum instead of a private room. And the funny thing is that for every 1 person that gets upset at what I say, 10 others are right there agreeing with me. So I just say it.

Half the time I post, I just want a reaction or debate. I don’t ever say things without having something to back me up. So if you don’t like it, tell me why. Then we can have a normal human conversation. Not act like a bunch of 13 year old girls. But this is what I’ve come to expect.

I am not a negative person. But everything doesn’t always have to be sunshine and rainbows. I love my sports teams among my other interests, and I love that I can voice my thoughts about them on social media. Some might view my opinions as detrimental in a way, but if I’m right, how can it be bad? It should be viewed as positive. I care, don’t I? Apparently a lot more than most. And I’m willing to put my name behind the words. And, just maybe, things need to be fixed. I know someone as small time as me shouldn’t expect to be humored most of the time. But if other people agree with me on anything, how is it wrong to put it out there? Want me to shut up? Then fix the problem or tell me why things are the way they are. Instead of being crotchety about people talking about you, why not interact with the fans and opinion givers? Tell them what they don’t know. Tell them how they are wrong and give reasons why. Is that a crazy demand? I don’t think so.

The main argument here is that I want people to be able to speak freely. Speak with emotion. And speak with facts. Whether it be about sports or life. If people piss you off. Tell them. And they should be tough enough to live with it. Don’t like what people say? Then fix the problem. When I sucked as a kid, my parents told me so. When kids these days suck, their parents tell them how great they are and deflect blame. This is the problem with our society and exactly why we are always walking on egg shells. It has to stop. In the words of the late Bill Stewart, “We need a lot less finger pointers and a lot more thumb pointers.”

The American people need to stand upright and take criticism. Take it and use it to become a better person. In the sports world and in everyday life. I’m sure people have talked negatively many times about me. Thanks. Why would I let that bother me? I was told many times along my baseball career that I wasn’t good enough, or I didn’t throw hard enough. Thanks. I’ll work on that. And I seemed to do well figuring that out for a while. So what is the problem? If someone isn’t doing their job well or being a shitty member of society, let em know. And they should fix it. If someone is a terrible administrator, coach or player and doesn’t do anything right, we have every right to call them out and expect them to answer for it or fix it (Or just fire everybody like the Cleveland Browns do every year). Nobody should be safe. Officials, employees, businesses, politicians, restaurant workers, police officers, and random horrible drivers on the road….all should be fair game.

If this downward spiral of hurt feelings continues, where will be 20 years from now? I can’t imagine. Say what you feel. Take responsibility for things. And be a tough minded individual. This is really how we will make America great again.


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  1. You’re such an insensitive, inconsiderate, and hypocritical asshole! People have right to be uptight and I like them for it. Who cares if they’re narrowly focused and easily offended? It doesn’t give you the right to be go around being a jerk.

    I man, who gave the right to decide how people should live? Do you honestly that everyone should live up to your standards. Since you claimed that this is America, all people should function however the hell they want. And that includes being uptight and easily offended. Without those kinds of people, troublemakers would run amok.

    It’s really pathetic that you think no one should be safe. Without safety, danger would reign supreme. Since that’s how you think, why don’t you live unsafely until you die early.

    For your information, you have to learn to be sensitive and considerate about what you say to others. If you don’t, they’ll beat the crap out of you.

    Another way you’re hypocritical is that you bitched about uptight people but claimed that anyone who does anything who does anything wrong should get called for it. Well, I’m calling you out for you machismo and demand that anyone should be tough enough to live with unpleasant things. I, for one, refuse to tolerate anything unpleasant.

    Like it or not, there will always be people who walk egg shells around others. And I support because I’m against social Darwinism, which is the type of bullshit you engage in.

    If you can’t be decent and agreeable with others, expect them to hand your ass to you. Like it or not, you can’t expect everyone to be like you. So just let them be how they are.


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