Monday Morning Questions

Monday’s suck. Here are some random questions that entered my mind from over the weekend:

How much do marketing people make for coming up with horrible commercials?

Do you think Larry the Cable Guy goes kind of crazy having to be in character every time he is in public? He can’t ever just be a normal guy.

Why do people put “13.1” stickers on their cars? Are they proud of not being able to finish a full marathon? Do they want praise for it?

Do weirdo vegans get mad at tigers and wolves and stuff for going and killing innocent animals?

How much time has Guy Fieri wasted in his life doing his ridiculous hair?

Why do kids make their parents spend $20+ on neon colored socks? Socks!

Why would anybody buy one of these? These are the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. $22,000….

Why did they build the Barclays Center so that there are thousands of obstructed view seats for hockey? How did they not think that out?

How can anyone like any song that is currently on Top 40 radio stations?

If you put eyelashes on your car headlights, should you serve jail time?

If you put reindeer antlers and a red ball(nose) on your car, AND leave them on until May, should you receive the death penalty?


Why don’t referees or umpires have to answer questions at press conferences after the game? Players and coaches do, why don’t officials? They dictate games just as much.


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