Redskins sign Josh Norman

Today the Redskins signed Josh Norman to a 5 year 75 Mil (50 guaranteed) deal and another small piece of me died. As the resident Cowboys fan, which you will come to see closer and closer to the season, I cannot stand the way we have sat on our hands this entire offseason. Like them or not, Dallas has many of the pieces needed for a championship team.

Last season was over before it ever got started thanks to injuries and with Romo and Witten’s window closing, one could make the assumption that we would be very active in the offseason. Enter Alfred Morris. Alfred Morris and his single touchdown from 2015 season. Thats right folks, 202 carries…..and 1 touchdown. Thanks Jerry. This ground breaking acquisition came right after we signed Darren McFadden to an extension, which fits right in to the great moves that the brain trust in our front office have decided to make. But wait, there’s more. Most mock drafts have us taking Zeke Elliott 4th in the draft. Most of you have heard the term “two-headed monster”, well Jerry wants a “three-headed monster”. Forget about drafting a corner, a good edge rusher, or even another linebacker for when Sean Lee gets his 18th concussion or breaks his 20th bone. Romo is coming off surgery. We haven’t resigned Greg Hardy. Randy Gregory can’t stop smoking weed (4 games). Demarcus Lawerence started the Bill Romanowski supplement plan (4 games). And our pets heads are falling off…

As always I am very frustrated, but the moves that other teams are making within the division are turning that frustration into fear. Washington has found themselves a QB and now has signed a top 5 corner. If they have a good draft and get their rookies to contribute, they could be an issue. Philly finally realized Chip Kelly was a bum and decided to clean house. Tennessee happily took Murray and his contract which gave the Eagles a little spending money. They traded for the 2nd pick in the draft to get Wentz and are in a similar boat with the Redskins where if they draft well they could be an issue. The Giants are just up in NJ keeping to themselves building a monster. Firing Coughlin was the right move even though I disagree with the way it went down. ODB is living with Drake. JPP has come to terms with his hand. And now that Peyton has retired, he is probably just chugging Budweiser and feeding Eli his HGH.


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