Best Uniforms in Sports: Part 1, NHL

Just a quick note: I’m all about uniforms. You’ll learn that. I love classic and traditional. I hate modern and dumb forms of “look at me” uniforms that are strictly to draw attention. I hate neon colors, digital camo, big flappy looking baseball pants, sleeved basketball jerseys, and anything Adidas produces. All of this will be a reoccurring theme when I blog so get used to it. Ok, now that we have that out of the way. Let’s get started.


It is very easy to have a great hockey jersey. Throw some horizontal stripes and don’t litter it with random designs and you are good to go. There are many many great jerseys in the NHL theses days and some absolutely terrible ones. But anyway, these are my 3 favorite current NHL uniforms:

Minnesota Wild Road Whites

These are beautiful. The colors are unique and I have always liked their logo. I like the different width stripes on the sleeve and the shoulder patches are great too. Like everything about it.

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Orange/Cream

Hate the Flyers. Love these uniforms. How could you not though? Again, pretty unique with the colors. Like the usage of cream instead of white. I like the different color block name plate and the keystone shaped captaincy patches are awesome. How are these not their full time home uniforms?

Edmonton Oilers Every Uniform

Edmonton has a timeless uniform set. It is the same as Gretzky/Messier wore in the 80s. They have attempted many times to change it over time but finally went back to old reliable full time. Great move. If I wasn’t a Penguins fan, I feel like the Oilers would be an awesome team to get behind. Just kidding, they suck and their uniforms are the only thing positive about them.

Side note: I would have easily put the Penguins on this list, but I refuse until they switch full time back to Pittsburgh Gold. Why they changed in the first place to that God awful Pitt Panther Vegas gold is beyond me.

Honorable Mention:

Arizona Coyotes Road Whites

Modern meets classic. Like it.

Calgary Flames Throwback Alternate

These would have made the list if they wore them more. Get rid of the black and accept your true colors. These are awesome. Calgary hasn’t looked that hot since John Candy led the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics in 88.

And the worst uniforms in hockey:

Anything the Anaheim Ducks wear

These idiots have the easiest decision on uniforms of all time. It is so effortless but yet they keep trying and trying to get away from the movie relation and now here we are. Just keeps getting worse each year. Now we are orange, black, and tan. And for some reason they threw the movie logo on their alternate. Might be the biggest slap in the face by an organization ever. Make the uniforms the originals and be done with it. Moronic not to. I hate the Ducks just because I can’t understand their front office stupidity. Didn’t they listen to Jan in D2? New Ducks, and old Ducks must unite under a new banner, and he thought, perhaps, something like this…

And when the roosters are crowing and the cows are spinning circles in the pasture…

Ducks fly together!


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