Top Ten Most Aggressive Personalized Jerseys

Personalized jerseys give the fans an opportunity to slap their own last name on the jersey of their favorite team and wear it proudly. It also opens the door for degenerate fans to produce an obscene message for some to enjoy and others to cover their children’s eyes. I’ve compiled a small list of the top 10…



This young man is a genius. If you take this jersey at face value, this guy just wants everyone to know he likes BJ’s. My mind went down a different avenue and I started thinking about subliminal advertising. You know those crazy commercials for 5 gum that has nothing to do with gum at all but the next time you grab a pack of gum you think of that commercial….same thing here except with a BJ. My man is out here just putting ideas into girls heads without them even knowing. Salute.

….or his nickname is BJ



Soccer isn’t my game so I don’t know, but Masturbinho sounds like an actual player. Either way the jersey gave me a good laugh and I hope that this guy and his bald friends don’t forget to renew their season tickets. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL MASTURBINHOOOOOO.



Just incase you didn’t see the Yamaka, this guy wants to make sure everyone knows he’s Jewish.



I think I’ve seen this guy downstairs at Joe Mama’s…Nothing makes this guy happier than lining up a fat rail and hitting the F train to go watch Big Sexy toss a few innings at Citi Field.



“There’s a little truth in every joke.”



Hey CBS, this guy needs more air time than the Andy Reed look-a-like.



Conversation starter.



The only reason this jersey has fallen to number 3 is because it has become too much of a fan favorite for me. “Are you 18” can be seen on many pro team jerseys and rec league jerseys. Still a classic though.



Advertising. Advertising. Advertising. 81 games of Free advertising. This guy is just here to let you know if you have too many Budweiser’s watching the Cardinals fall from grace, he’s got your back. Had to many drinks thinking about Heyward and Lackey in a Cubs jersey and decided to try and drive home, he’s got your back. This is a guy you want on your side.



How did allow this to fly? There is no reason to wear around a jersey that says Herpes. This guy has my mind wrapped in a pretzel.What is his angle? What is he trying to communicate with us? This jersey provides many more questions than answers.

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