Who is more of a social media clown, JJ Watt or Lebron James?

It’s like a car accident that you can’t look away from. It’s just so ridiculously absurd that anybody could be so egotistical and starving for attention even though they are famous as hell. It’s so corny and cliche. Everything about it.

Lebron James is a crazy popular athlete. Everybody knows he is good. WHY must he constantly post things about how hard he works out and how early he works out and how he takes no days off? Strive for greatness? Give me a freaking break. We get it, you lift. That’s it. You lift! You are supposed to do that. Thats part of what makes you a professional athlete. And JJ Watt might be worse!

He posts just as much about his work ethic. He rents “cabins deep in the forest” in the off season so he can basically train like he is recreating Rocky V. But then you realize that his “cabin” was a mansion that sleeps like 30 people and has a movie theatre in it. Woah JJ. Really roughing it.

He makes sure everybody knows when he is working hard EVERY SINGLE TIME. What are we supposed to do with that information JJ? We supposed to be impressed that you are doing your job? What do you want?

And then today, he posts how, regardless of the natural disaster currently occurring in Houston, he made it to the football facility and is lifting. People are literally dying in these floods, but JJ is lifting and works out really hard. Praise him!

And the absolute best is how Lebron enters his social media silence during the playoffs, even though it has been proven that he still spits game on young girls on instagram during this so called “blackout.” He’s focused for sure. And then you hear what he calls his social media blackout….you ready for this?

Zero Dark Thirty-23.

Screen shot 2016-04-18 at 10.21.44 PM

Thats what he calls it. You kidding me? Not Zero Dark 23. Zero Dark Thirty-23. Why did he leave the Thirty in there? I don’t understand. Is he that stupid? Is he so into himself that he doesn’t realize how dumb that sounds? He just makes it sooooooo easy to hate him. So easy.

So who is it. Who is the bigger social media douche bag?

This guy?

Screen shot 2016-04-18 at 10.27.45 PM

Or this guy?

I think that’s a pretty easy decision. Lebron might be the most egotistical social media maniac in the universe. Psycho city. But hey, #StriveForGreatness bros.

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