Are we really supposed to feel bad for Jordan Spieth?


So he failed miserably on Sunday. Complete collapse. 5 shot lead obliterated in less time than it takes to actually speak to a human when you call Comcast. 45 minutes, 3 holes, lead gone. And then, as the previous champion, he had to present Danny Willett with the green jacket. Oh no! Look at that face! So sad.

But let’s think about this for a second. This guy has one of the best lives in the entire world.

He still finished 2nd and won $880,000. So in 3 years, he has finished 2nd, 1st, and 2nd. He has made well over $3 million in ONE tournament in 3 years. Way more than we will ever make in our miserable lives. Not to mention he won the US Open and finished top 5 in the PGA and the British Open last year. All huge paydays. And that is just the majors.

There is also this thing called the FedEx Cup that the players on the PGA Tour play in all year long. And that has a pay out of $10 million for the winner. Guess who won?

Yeah. Him.

He won 5 times and made over $22 million in 2015. Most ever on tour beating out Tiger’s $20.9 million in 2007. Absurd money.

That just includes money made on the golf course. Spieth has some of the best sponsorships on tour. The money involved with that makes the tournament earnings look like coin change. Under Armour, AT&T, SuperStroke Grips, Titleist, Rolex, and NetJets just to name a few. He’s doing ok.

So am I supposed to feel bad for that guy? I don’t think so. He is a good player with a few flaws. But he is still 22 years old. He will win plenty more times. And he will make plenty more money. And he plays golf for a living. The guy doesn’t deserve our pity.

P.S. This is his girlfriend.

Yeah, decent life ya got there Jordo.

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